Tai Ji Quan Dao
Tai Ji Quan Dao

About us

We are a group of instructors receiving tuition from Sifu Herman Chan-Pensley, who has been teaching Tai Ji Quan for over 35 years. He received his teaching from Master Chu King Hong, who was a disciple of Master Yang Shou Chung. Thus we trace a direct lineage to the Yang family and aim to uphold the quality of their teaching. We have called our group ‘Tai Ji Quan Dao’ - the Way of Tai Ji Quan.

In order to maintain and promote high standards of practice in our group, we provide training for all instructors in child and adult protection, health and safety, emergency first aid and instructing.

All our instructors have professional indemnity insurance. Tai Ji Quan Dao is an introducer appointed representative of Balens Limited, insurance brokers.

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